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An urgent notice on strengthening epidemic prevention and control

An urgent notice on strengthening epidemic prevention and control

Each project department of the Group company:

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control remains complex。The Group company regards epidemic prevention and control as the most important work, takes "seeking progress while maintaining stability" as the general tone, and makes every effort to do a good job in the beginning after the resumption of work, so as to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the stable development of the company。

In the fight against the epidemic, at the same time, the source of labor, the transportation of materials and the inspection of personnel to the post and other related work, so that the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation are not wrong。In order to further implement the relevant national policies and the spirit of the video conference on epidemic prevention and control of the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, and comprehensively strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work at construction sites, the project departments are hereby notified as follows:

First, strictly control the project site personnel

1.Each project department shall not arrange personnel from other than medium and high risk to enter the construction site, and the personnel shall remain relatively fixed, restricting the flow of migrant workers between different projects;

2.Construction sites are closed and closed loop management。The project department, the construction site, and the living area only have one entrance and exit, and special personnel are set up at the entrance to check。All personnel should try to achieve "two points and one line" and "non-essential do not go out" at the construction site and accommodation area, reduce public transportation, and do a good job of personal protection。

2. Strictly implement health management measures

1.Strictly check the health code, travel code and negative nucleic acid certificate of new personnel, delivery drivers, unloading personnel and other temporary foreign personnel within 48 hours, and do temperature detection and real-name registration。 Delivery personnel and delivery personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the project;

2.Check all the site personnel, manage the rotation of home workers and people living together, so as to be comprehensive, timely and accurate。Those who have a history of residence in key areas and relevant history of residence shall suspend their work and report to the community where they live, without concealment, delay or omission;

3.Strengthen the construction site environmental sanitation and disinfection and epidemic prevention work。

Third, strengthen the daily epidemic prevention management of engineering projects

1.Implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the interaction with the local streets and communities, actively integrate into the epidemic prevention and control system, and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work;

2.Every day, the project department, construction site, living area and other areas are comprehensively eliminated。The body temperature of all personnel at the construction site should be checked every day, and the masks should be worn in a standardized manner to conduct dynamic health monitoring;

3.The Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control will be posted in prominent positions on the construction site, and relevant work such as publicity and education on epidemic prevention and control, reserves of epidemic prevention materials, staffing of disinfection specialists, 24-hour shift duty, emergency plans, and disposal drills will be carried out in detail.

4.According to the regulations of the project location, organize the construction site personnel to do nucleic acid testing according to the requirements, so as to achieve "should be inspected".。Strengthen the management of key groups such as cooks, dishes, procurement and services among the site personnel, implement relevant local epidemic prevention policies, and actively cooperate with the relevant work of local nucleic acid testing。​

Fourth, the project units should continue to pay attention to the latest notices of prevention and control in the provincial and urban areas, strictly implement the spirit of the notice, and carry out epidemic prevention publicity work, tighten the string of epidemic prevention, rotate 24 hours on duty, do a good job of safety investigation, and ensure the smooth and controllable of each project site。    

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